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full name emmaline jimin seo comicverse emily sung/element woman date of birth & age march 20th, 1991 (25) birthplace seattle, washington main residence charleston, Boston, MA occupation owner of to a tea/cookbook author/freelance fortune teller relationship status "sorry? i didn't quite catch that." moral alignment chaotic good mbti infp astrology pisces

  • Even from birth, Emmaline Jimin Seo's life was full of strange circumstances. The night of her birth, the hospital in which her mother had gone into labor was pitch black. While rain wasn't a rarity in Seattle, that night produced heavier than normal showers, causing the hospital to plunge into darkness. Unfortunately, babies don't really take blackouts into consideration, especially when they're ready to leave the womb. as soon as she was born and her cries filled the hospital room, light abruptly flooded through the hospital as the power returned.

  • her parents' marriage was one not filled with love that happened spontaneously, but rather reluctance due to the fact that it was orchestrated by her grandparents. her mother, who was already seeing a man before meeting her father, was decidedly against the arranged marriage, but didn't have a choice in the matter. at the time, soyoung was still fully dependent on her parents. she was vehemently against finding work, insisting on scamming men into financially supporting her. her mother, emma's grandmother, seeing that her daughter was going down a dangerous path in her life, insisted on setting her up with hyunwoo seo, the son of her childhood friend. hyunwoo wasn't strikingly handsome, but he was kind, attentive, though a little eccentric. he was also a lawyer, but soyoung's mother would never admit to that being the sole reason for the marriage. seeing this as another opportunity, soyoung agreed.

  • while the couple got along fine, they certainly weren't in love. emma's mother, even after her marriage, continued to have an affair with her previous boyfriend. when emma was born, soyoung wasn't completely sure who emma's biological father was, but kept the secret to herself. it wasn't until after emma's first birthday that soyoung finally came clean about the affair and decided to elope with her secret paramour. knowing that their families wouldn't approve of this decision, soyoung left in the middle of the night, leaving behind only a note detailing her plans. from then on, hyunwoo was left to raise emma on his own with the help of his family. he didn't hear from his wife again, nor did he ever receive divorce papers from her.

  • as a child, emmaline had a tendency to keep to herself. she didn't speak until she was five years old. while other family members had encouraged her father to find a speech therapist, hyunwoo refused, saying that emma would speak when she was ready. surely enough, on the first day of kindergarten, emma introduced herself to her teacher. she was a curious child and took a liking to the school environment. she asked a lot of questions, though at times, many of them had nothing to do with the lesson at hand. even at an early age, emma held a unique outlook on life - one that was perhaps a little too unique for her peers to grasp. because of this, emma found herself alone for a lot of her childhood. while it bothered her to no end, she would assure her father that she didn't mind.

  • emma's solitude would only increase as she got older. as she moved onto the first and then second grades, her teachers noticed that she was moving much faster than the other students. her father, seeing that emma would skip not only one but two grades, decided that homeschooling would be much beneficial for his daughter when she realized that her classmates would be two years older than her.

  • on emma's eighth birthday, she received a package in the mail. to her family's surprise, it was from her mother. in it contained a birthday card in her mother's delicate handwriting as well as a red yo-yo. in her eight year-old mind, emma decided that if she mastered the yo-yo, her mother would return and her family would be together again. for hours on end, she practiced playing with the toy until she mastered every trick. without her father knowing, she entered herself in a number of yo-yo competitions, convinced that if she won them and made the news, her mother would see how successful she was and would want to see her.

  • eventually, emma would qualify for the world yo-yo contest, moving through the competition to win gold. in her interview, she mentioned wanting to see her mother, much to the dismay and sadness of her father. while emma hoped that her mother would notice her achievements, her father had to break it to her that she wasn't coming back. this ultimately made her gold medal victory more bitter than sweet. however, this allowed her to move on from her attachment to her mother and allowed she and her father to grow closer.

  • soon, emma would attend high school, when she told her father that she was ready to be surrounded by her peers again. hyunwoo feared for his daughter's wellbeing, knowing that she would be a twelve year-old amongst fourteen year olds. still, emma insisted that she would be fine, and hyunwoo enrolled her at the public high school near their home.

  • emma, to her family's surprise, did well in the high school environment. though she was still as eccentric as ever, she was able to find friends who embraced her quirks and her childlike disposition. when emma graduated high school, she was accepted into a number of schools, but ultimately chose harvard university after watching the 2001 film, legally blonde and decided to major in classics and chemistry. the career choice was baffling to those around her, but she was firm in her academic path.

  • after one semester at harvard, emma decided to leave. to say her father was shocked would be an understatement, but part of him was still somewhat unsurprised. though she excelled at school, organized education wasn't something that emma took well. her reasons for leaving are still widely unknown to those close to her, but her grandmother remembers her mentioning her greek literature professor's wardrobe choices as one of her possible motives.

  • soon after, emma returned to seattle. there she spent a great deal of her time wondering what her next life choice would be. while she loved seattle and her father, she knew that boston was a place that she truly enjoyed being. after watching an episode of top chef with her cousin, she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in cuisine. like almost all of her choices, no one had any idea how she went from chemistry and classics to cuisine, but also like almost all of her choices, her close friends and family took it all in stride.

  • emma enrolled in boston university metropolitan college's culinary arts certificate program. she soon saw that a lot of cooking involved chemistry and took a liking to the craft immediately. upon completing the program, she worked in a number of kitchens in boston before deciding to open her own cafe in boston with a close friend of hers using a combination of their savings and winnings she'd kept from winning yo-yo contests over the years. the cafe, which has a theme surrounding greek and roman mythology serves drinks with boba in them like smoothies, milk teas, and the like. they also serve snacks and other small food items.

  • currently, emma still owns and runs to a tea. she also co-authored a cookbook for kids that shows how cooking and chemistry go together entitled chem on, let's cook! from time to time, she'll enter an odd yo-yo competition if she finds that she needs pocket money but tries to refrain from doing it often knowing that she should give others a chance. she still visits her father in seattle from time to time but calls boston home.
  • element woman
    Introduced in the Flashpoint event, Emily Sung was among the heroes summoned by Cyborg to confront Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Element Woman is eager to help heroes however she can, though according to Shade, she's a bit mad. In the new 52, she is recruited into the Justice League. (COMICVINE)

    emma seo
  • master at the yo-yo and won a number of competitions since she was ten to thirteen, the biggest being the world championship when she was ten.

  • passionate about juice and spends much of her time trying different combinations and concoctions for her shop.

  • has been dying her hair various shades of violet since she was eighteen. very rarely will she have it any other color. a few times a year, she allows herself to have it her natural color so she doesn't completely ruin it.

  • luna lovegood and june colburn's love child, she's full of nothing but good intentions and eccentricity.

  • learned how to read palms and tarot cards when she was 20. she has moments where she fully believes in auras and the like, but some where she's more skeptical. it comes and goes in waves.

  • lover of puns (evident from her cafe's name and cookbook title)

  • has a dog named warbles

  • timeline
  • 1991: emmaline jimin seo is born in seattle, washington.

  • 1997: skips the first grade.

  • 1998: skips the second grade.

  • 1999: Her mother gifts her a yo-yo on her birthday.

  • 2001: Wins the gold medal at the World Yo-Yo Contest (Division 1A).

  • 2006: Graduates high school. Enrolls at Harvard university.

  • 2007: attends harvard majoring in chemistry and classics.

  • 2008: drops out after a semester. returns to seattle.

  • 2008: enrolls at boston university metropolitan college and pursues a certificate in culinary arts.

  • 2012-14: receives her certificate degree in culinary arts. works at a number of restaurants in the boston area, holding positions ranging from line cook to sous chef.

  • 2014: opens to a tea with [INSERT CLOSE FRIEND].

  • 2015: authors chem on, let's cook! with [CO-AUTHOR].